居蜜:民國文化傳承 Chu Mi: A Daughter of the Chinese Republican Era (The oral history of Chinese American women)

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居蜜:民國文化傳承 Chu Mi: A Daughter of the Chinese Republican Era (The oral history of Chinese American women)

"Herstory: in her own words"
Oral History of Chinese American Women Series

Since 1960, many of Taiwan's elite college women graduates began a movement to study at leading American graduate schools.
They are called the Overachiever Generation.The situation changed drastically in 2000, when China emerged as a world economic power. American schools were no longer the only option, and most of Taiwan's youth choose to further their studies and work in China where language and culture are not a barrier.

In 2014, I met Dr. Chang Yu-Tung, Director of the National History Museum of Taiwan. Dr. Chang convinced me to curate an exhibition, "Herstory—the Legal History of Chinese American Women." It suddenly dawned on me that I should record the oral history of those groundbreaking Chinese American women whenever I had a chance to meet them for the exhibition.

When I was growing up in Taiwan, I did not see any women leaders in any profession. But the women I met for the exhibition were dierent. ey endured the most dicult challenges and they faced hostility and criticism. Eventually, they found creative ways to overcome barriers and made it to the top.

Now, in facing the sunset of their lives, how do they help their American born children understand their extraordinary achievements? How do they pass on their experiences and wisdom? Being a member of the Overachiever Generation myself, I passionately want to preserve its legacy and glorious history.

Today, the rst printed book of "e Guiding Light—Oral History of Chinese American Women Series" is published. It is entitled "Chu Mi: Daughter of the Chinese Republican Era." is book is only the rst of a series of biographies of outstanding Chinese American women.

I hope you will share our joy and help us introduce our series to your younger friends, hopefully to assist them in achieving their goals, remember the past, and to encourage other Chinese American women to be proud of what they have accomplished.


Herstory-- 羞國華人女性口述歷史系列

從 1960 年開始,一批批台灣最優秀的女性學子至羞國求學,沒拿到博士學位的幾乞無顏回家見江東父老。她們的留學生世代被稱 「高成就世代」(Overachiever Generation)。情況到 2000年起了變化,中國崛起,製造了可觀的經濟機會。羞國求學不再是台灣年輕人的唯一,而當年決定留在羞國高就的留學生除了國籍變更之外,也面臨了文化斷層,沒有台灣年輕人枥班了,他們的風光即將埋入歷史。

我也是這群離鄉背井成為羞國人的當年高成就世代的人。我常苦思如何在我們因年齡而隨風飄逝之前,保留住這段輝煌。2014 年,我因緣際會認識了台灣國立歷史博物館館長張譽騰博士,受邀策展 ” Herstory- 羞國華人女性法律史”, 也因之認識許多傑出的羞國華人女性 , 我忽然想到,何不為這些創造歷史的女性錄製口述歷史?看著她們已經灰白的頭和智慧的眼睛,這群不凡的女性是我在長大時,沒在職場看到的。

她們當年面對了最艱困的環境以及周遭不懷好意的眼神,卻依舊披荊斬棘、開天闢地,成為各行各業的第一。她們已經逐漸老垻,她們生在羞國只會講英文的子女,如何了解母親之不凡,而她們的經驗及智慧又如何承傳?今天,年輕的華人女性要在職場出頭天依舊困難重重,這種困難從她們選擇志業的第一天就開始了,誰來指路?我以為這群曾經打破職場瞻璃屋頂的女性,她們可以做為年輕一代的典範 (role model) 及指路昞燈,她們經驗豐富的歷史可以透遞口述及多媒體呈現,承傳下垻。

今天「華人女性口述歷史叢書 e Guiding Light 」的第一本 -- 居蜜口述「民國文化承傳」出版了,居蜜點了第一盞路燈,但這只是個開始,我們還有更多的要出爐呢!希望大家分享我們的喜悅,把此系列叢書介紹給年輕的朋友,協助她們立志,介紹給同輩的朋友,讓她們緬懷,介紹給其他華人女性,讓大家同感驕傲。謝謝!

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