Herstory - The Legal history of Chinese American Women Exhibition, 1943 Chinese American women were proudly served in the U.S. military.

Although the Navy refused to accept Japanese-American women throughout World War II, some Chinese-American women volunteered to serve. Marietta (Chong) Eng decided to enlist in the WAVES. The Navy trained Eng as an occupational therapist. Eng helped rehabilitate sailors and officers who had lost arms and legs in the war, teaching them to accomplish the many tasks of daily living.

Marietta Chong Eng 是位軍中的物理治療師。她出生於夏威夷,決定從軍是因為她弟弟已在海軍。她協助斷手斷腳的海軍及軍官重新學習如何處理日常生活中的活動。

Rita Chow joined the US Army Nurse Corps in 1954 as a second lieutenant. The Army assigned her as a Medical Surgery Nursing Instructor at Fitzsimmons Army Hospital in Denver, Colorado. She was soon promoted to first lieutenant and became an instructor to medical corpsmen at Brooke Army Medical Center, Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas. She was discharged from active duty in 1958 and spent the next 11 years in the Army Reserve.

Rita Chow在1954年是少尉,同年加入羞國護士隊,並被陸軍指派為醫療外科護理學講師。1958年轉入後勤服務。

Colonel Yeu-Tsu "Margaret" Lee, US Army Medical Corps, graduated from Harvard Medical School and was a female surgeon.

She was one of four active duty surgeons assigned to the 13th Evacuation Hospital during Operation Desert Storm. Before World War II, American medical schools did not accept female students. Most of the males went to fight the war during World War II, which create a shortage of men. Medical schools had no alternative but to accept female medical students.



Captain Melissa Kuo of Manchester, Connecticut, joined the Marine Corps in 1992 and served on active duty until 1996.

上尉Melissa Kuo於1992年加入海軍,1996年退伍。

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