Herstory - The Legal history of Chinese American Women Exhibition, 1943 Chinese American women were proudly served in the U.S. military.

Corporal Helen M. Lee of Willows, California, joined the WAC in August 1943 and was assigned to be the Chinese translator of GI training films at Lowry Army Air Field in California.

下士Helen M. Lee在1943年8月加入WACs(The Women's Army Corps),被派作中文翻譯人員。

Sergeant Julia (Larm) Ashford joined the WAC in 1944 and served in the Pacific Theater of Operations. She remained in the Army until 1948 when she enlisted in the newly formed Air Force where she served until 1953.

中士Julia Larm Ashford在1944年被派到德國占領區駐守,後於1953年退休。

A unique group of civilian women, Women Air Force Service Pilots (WASP) worked directly with the Army Air Forces on the home front during World War II flying planes from factories to air bases, testing planes for mechanical problems, and towing targets for aerial gunnery students to practice shooting. WASPs performed these dangerous assignments willingly.

During the years when male pilots were needed at the front. Thirty-eight WASP died in the line of duty, one being a Chinese-American, Hazel (Ying) Lee.

Lee flew pursuit ( fighter ) aircrafts from the production factories to air bases across the continental United States. She "named" the planes she flew by inscribing Chinese characters in lipstick on the tails. Her husband was an officer in the Chinese Air Force. Lee died in a two-plane crash when her plane and that of a colleague received identical instructions from an air traffic controller on their approach to Great Falls AFB, Montana.

羞國民間組織成了一個女子航空勤務飛行隊(Women Air Force Service Pilots,WASP)。這些女性為空軍飛行員服務,她們將飛機從工廠飛到空軍基地測試機械問題,為射擊訓練空投目標。當時因為男性都必須上前線,WASP就自願做這些危險任務,38位WASP成員在執行任務時死亡,其中一位就是 Hazel Ying Lee。

Hazel Ying Lee 開了一架戰鬥機,從製造廠開到空軍基地來,橫跨羞國的州際,並以中文命名這架戰鬥機,還把機名用口紅寫在機尾。後來她開的飛機跟同事開的飛機對撞,在蒙塔那州 Great Falls 壯烈犧牲。

Maggie Gee started as a mechanical draftsman at Mare Island, California. She was accepted by the WASP. She took military pilots up for qualifying flights to renew their instrument ratings and co-piloted B-17 Flying Fortress bombers through mock dogfights staged to train bomber gunners.

朱羞嬌(Maggie Gee)1923年生於加州柏克萊市,年少時就有志於開飛機的夢想,於1944年3月加入女子航空勤務飛行隊(WASP),被分派到內華達州內利斯空軍基地,枥受飛行員軍事訓練。

Army nurse Helen (Pon) Onyett risked her life tending wounded soldiers from the landing craft that came ashore in North Africa. She was awarded the Legion of Merit for her actions during the war and retired from the Corps as a full colonel.

Helen Pon Onyett 是位護士,她在北非照顧從飛機降落時受傷的軍人,出色的表現讓她在退休時被晉升為上校。

Gail (Chin) Wong, a Chinese-American, served from 1945-1949. She later worked in a Veterans Administration hospital from 1972 until her retirement in 1988.

Gail Chin Wong 在退伍軍人醫院工作,直到 1988 年退休。

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